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Boca Raton Medicare Psychologist Provider

In 1945, Harry S. Truman requested national health insurance from Congress and finally 20 years later, Lyndon B. Johnson signed Medicare for seniors into law. The first person to sign up for Medicare was former President Truman.

I am committed to being a psychologist provider of Medicare services. My parents loved Medicare and lived to the ripe old ages of 87 and 88 thanks to the wonderful medical care they received.

As a Boca Raton Medicare provider of psychological services, I recognize the unique psychological problems that seniors have. These include the following: depression; loss of loved ones; loss of health and functionality; adjustment to illness and pain or discomfort; diminished mental abilities, especially memory and concentration; becoming a caretaker; conflict with adult children; etc. Many seniors, who do not have such problems, live in fear of getting them.

As a psychologist for over thirty years, I have worked with hundreds of seniors ranging in age from 65 to 100. The psychological adjustment to the above problems can be difficult, if not overwhelming. As a Boca Raton Medicare provider of psychological services, I help people find happiness despite these problems.

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