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Marriage Counseling with Our Marriage Therapist in Boca Raton

People enter marriage with the best of intentions, but often severe conflicts arise which may then be accompanied by a host of mixed feelings. Marriage counseling (or couples therapy) enables couples to communicate both what is troubling them and what changes they envision in order for their lives to be happier and more fulfilling. We also explore some of the wonderful and positive aspects of their marriage that may still exist.

In his 30+ years of practice, Dr. Nadler has worked with many couples (and at times with one partner) to repair and enhance their relationship.
Marriage Counseling Boca Raton

In marriage counseling, he discusses with the partners how simple solutions can lead to profound and lasting changes. These simple solutions, however, may not be that easy to achieve without the weekly tasks and support Dr. Nadler provides in order for the couple to make consistent progress.

Sometimes, the couples decide to go their separate ways, but the counseling aids in providing for a more amicable parting. It gives the partners the ability to understand the issues more clearly and to move on if they so choose.

There are better choices than breaking up or remaining together in misery. If you are reading this page, chances are you are unhappy in your relationship. I encourage you to contact me for a free telephone consultation regarding what marriage counseling with me can do for you.

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