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Our Boca Raton Depression Therapy

Depression is a real and serious illness that affects 1 out of 10 adults in a given year and 1 out of 6 over a lifetime. Some of the possible symptoms of depression are sadness, loss of energy for enjoyable activities, feelings of worthlessness, excessive sleep or loss of sexual interest.

If a person’s symptoms interfere with family relationships, friendships or the ability to work, then professional help is indicated. A depressed client told Dr. Nadler that he felt so much improved since he was “able to resume enjoyable activities and return to work.”

Depression Counseling Boca Raton

Depression and psychotherapy have been researched extensively. Dr. Nadler uses one of the most effective forms of psychotherapy for depression, cognitive behavior therapy, a treatment that enables patients to correct false self-beliefs that can lead to depressed moods and self-defeating behaviors.

Counseling for depression with this form of psychotherapy is at least as comparable in effectiveness to antidepressants in mild to moderate depression. The combination of cognitive therapy and antidepressants is more effective than either treatment alone, especially for those with severe depression.

Dr. Nadler also treats bipolar disorder in which the client experiences manic moods and possibly depressive moods as well.

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