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Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Alcohol and drug addiction is a scourge in America, destroying the lives of individuals –their families, academic situations, careers, and relationships. Although addiction is a medical illness with a genetic component, responsibility for one's actions is the essential feature of alcohol and substance abuse treatment.

Some people require residential treatment for becoming substance free, but then a long-term recovery follows. Dr. Nadler recommends Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous for the user and Al-Anon for the family members.

Alcohol Counseling
Dr. Nadler helps in alcohol and substance abuse treatment, by motivating the abuser to reclaim his/her life by making a commitment to treatment – which may be residential, attending community groups, eliminating drugs, eliminating (preferable) or decreasing drinking, and working on the problems of daily life.

He determines with the client the conditions that predispose him/her to substance abuse. Then, relapse prevention strategies are developed, on an individual basis, to cope with the at risk conditions that will certainly arise again. The abuser learns how to change maladaptive thought patterns and to learn coping skills. Dr. Nadler helps people to “grow up” emotionally as growth was stunted when the person was using substances. The ultimate goal of working on substance abuse issues is to find happiness while sober.

Boca Raton Psychologist Call Dr. Nadler to set up a no cost telephone consultation to discuss your alcohol or substance abuse problem. He will explain how he can help you to salvage your life and stay free of substances.

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