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Boca Raton Psychologist

Welcome To the Website of Irving Nadler, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Nadler is a licensed psychologist in the state of Florida (PY7113), who provides individual and family focused psychotherapy in his private practice serving Boca Raton and the surrounding areas. With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Irving Nadler has successfully treated thousands of clients with psychotherapy to help individuals and families meet their specific goals and better manage difficult circumstances in life. His aim is to help each client achieve a happier and more satisfying life.
Dr. Nadler offers versatile and personalized approaches, tailored to match the needs of his clients. He has expertise in the treatment of depression, relationship issues, marriage counseling, pain management, smoking cessation, anxiety/stress, medical issues, weight management, anger management and substance abuse. His genuine, empathetic and trusting demeanor, coupled with evidence based methods enable Dr. Nadler to provide clients with considerable and lasting results. He emphasizes that clients take personal responsibility to make changes that will ultimately help them find more happiness because the power to decide belongs to the individual. Colleagues have named him “Dr. Relax” because of his soothing demeanor.

Feel free to browse the website and discover the modalities Dr. Nadler uses for counseling adults, couples and families, leading them to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. For prospective clients, Dr. Nadler provides a 20-30 minute telephone consultation at no cost to discuss how he can help you on your journey toward change.

For more information, please use the email contact form to inquire about Dr. Nadler’s services or call (561) 361-0711. If you need some support in making a change in your life, Dr. Nadler is here to accompany you on this journey toward creating a balanced and more satisfying life through effective and meaningful treatment. Thanks for taking the first step with Dr. Irving Nadler.

The various types of services provided by Dr. Nadler are as follows:    

Relationship Issues Marriage Counseling Pain Management Smoking Cessation
Medical Issues Weight Management Anger Management Substance Abuse

How do you know whether I am a psychologist who can help you? For prospective clients, I provide a 20-30 minute telephone consultation at no charge. If you select me to be your psychotherapist, after the first and subsequent sessions, we will re-evaluate whether you think I can help you.

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For more information call Boca Raton Licenced Psychologist Dr. Nadler for a no cost consultation.


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